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Challenge yourself

The life of a divorcee can be challenging to navigate. After the end of a marriage, they must learn to adapt to a new way of life, often facing financial and emotional struggles. They may also experience a sense of loss and loneliness as they adjust to living alone with a child. However, divorcees also have the opportunity to rediscover themselves and pursue new interests or relationships. With time and support, it is possible for a divorcee to rebuild their lives and find happiness again. It takes courage and resilience to make it through a divorce, but many people emerge more robust and more fulfilled on the other side. My entire life, I have believed in two things. Firstly, in myself and secondly & most importantly, in my family. Being a single mother is not very easy, especially in India.

So, How did I manage it? Well, with the help of my family and by challenging myself. Please be part of my journey to know more.

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