How I Do It

Being a Single Mom and happy is not easy, especially in India. Wanna know my secret?

Dheera Singh

1/2/20222 min read

Many people in India still believe that to be happy you need to have a partner otherwise you are not complete and hence not happy. Sometimes even people are so judgemental about it that they try to demotivate you or degrade themselves to the level to accuse you as if something is definitely wrong with me. My marriage was for only four months and after that, I got separated. My husband was not happy because I was not his type". Even though he was a good human being, we could not get along because of ego, communication gap, and many more things. So when I came back so soon with a pregnant belly, many hoped that after the child everything will be fine. Our typical Indian mentality. But if something is not meant to be, it can not happen.

Even though I was financially, mentally, emotionally not prepared to have a child, I got the most amazing gift of my life. I still believe that my marriage was only for this amazing gift from God, otherwise, I would never have known motherhood. Before my love came, I was rude and did not like to play with kids. I still remember the moment when I was holding my little princess in my hand and was so afraid, I didn't want to drop her or hurt her in any way. At that moment, she became my STRENGTH.

I decided that I will not marry again. Though many of my relatives were not happy because I am a little immature or child-like and imagine you being a child and taking care of another child. But I was ready to step up and thanks to my mother, I was able to do it. Once I decided I want to be happy without being a partner, the path was quite simple. I become content with what I had and started enjoying my life. Today, I can proudly say that I am doing so much better.

The only drawback was not to spend time with my daughter. Because of jobs I hardly see her. She is 8 now and I saw her grow up on Bed. So I started scrolling internet for women like me and men what I found out was amazing. Nowadays many women are choosing to stay unmarried in India. That's why we even had #singleseptember. Women are choosing this. This gave me more hope and positivity. So now I am following a rule to spend a lot of good time with my daughter. Every weekend we go out to watch movies or have dinner. Once I reach home it's a strict no-phone policy for both of us. Every three months we go out on holiday and celebrate all the festivals at home. Guys, when I say all the festivals I mean it, not only Hindu festivals but Sikhs and Christian festivals too.

She even likes to cook with me and has become so much independent that she takes all her online classes by herself. Now a days she is learning Chinese. She loves to learn languages but she is not very good in studies and I do not force her either. Anyways covid-19 has affected so much that online studies have no meaning at all.

So Guys that is how I am managing my happy single motherhood life with the help of my MOM, without her nothing was possible.