When will I be Ready?

Will I ever be what I want to do? Let's See

Dheera Singh

3/6/20222 min read

My biggest problem is that I always want to be perfect. I want all the things in a certain way and if it is not like that then I will not work and start procrastination. I will only read when I have that specific Table lamp on my table from Ikea, I will only cook if I will have the Wonder chef casserole, I will only do makeup when my Hair are fixed. I will only pray or go for walk if I ever wake up at 5 AM in the morning.

Guys, This thinking which I have or the conditions I wanted to start or to do certain things was never fulfilled. I never woke up at 5 AM so did not exercise or went for walk. So I gained weight. I never bought that specific casserole (Here, the point to note is that I bought an entire range of cast iron cookware) so I do not cook at home. I buy from a fast food joint. I keep all my old clothes because I am going to lose weight someday.

Now I am thinking, and trust me I am thinking when am I going to start my life. Am I still going to wait for things to get better in a certain way or am I going to start right now? Because I realized that To be the best version of myself is to start now. I am not going to wait for that perfect time, place, or condition. I have decided to be happy with what will I get or whatever I have. I have wasted 36 years of my life in procrastination and this is now going to cost me, my daughter's future. I'll start for my daughter. It is going to be my driving force. I want to be better for my daughter. It's not social, economical but personal. This drive has helped me in starting my own YouTube channel.

I learned that The drive to become something is never monetary. I can decide to earn a lot of money but after some time I will not be happy and give up. Money is an integral part of anyone's life. I know it is very important to survive. But, for me, it is not as important as my family. I care more about people than money.

I found my force, my passion: to be my daughter's role model. and I am going to succeed there because I AM READY NOW!!!